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16 Transportation Metrics that Matter

When organizing your logistics KPIs by stage, the stages may overlap a bit, but their activities and KPIs do not. The logistics metrics below are distinctive and reveal how well the business is functioning in each area. Businesses use logistics KPIs to identify stages in the flow of goods that need improvement.

Missing weights can delay customs clearance if the HTS requires the net weights to be reported; a delayed customs clearance means storage. Each of these delays relates back to the supplier’s documents and indicates improvement is needed. When looking at metrics, it is important to identify an issue and its subsequent effect. We’ll focus on two key areas to target when evaluating your supply chain. Key performance indicators can measure each milestone and can help you identify strengths and pinpoint weaknesses to allow you to optimize your processes.

Pick a few KPIs in each stage that target your company’s position in the industry and potential for improvement. For example, the graphic below highlights some best-practice metrics for each stage in the logistics chain. In the age of information, fulfillment processes can become overly complicated due to the ever-growing number of sources, platforms, and touchpoints to analyze. Wading through an ever-expanding pile of data quickly becomes an uphill struggle when you’re managing busy supply chains. But KPIs will give you the power to focus exclusively on the insights that matter.

What does KPI mean in logistics?

That way, your customer knows when he should be home to pick the package up, increasing your order picking accuracy rate and avoiding returns. Monitor the degree of incidents in your warehouse The Perfect Order Rate is another highly important logistics metric when it comes to your supply chain efficiency. It measures the amount of orders that are processed, shipped and delivered without any incidents on its way. The shipping time as well as the delivery time are both respected, the order is not a wrong one and the goods are not damaged.

The foundation of a strong supply chain is a forwarder and broker who understand your shipping needs from start to finish. Will you need your cargo reworked at the time of import to meet delivery requirements? Do you have questions about what is required to expand a foreign marketplace? What about the changing partner government agency requirements for US importers?

The ideal or perfect order rate is designed to measure the overall success of your business’s ability to deliver the product without incident, which can prevent errors, damage, delays, and potential losses in inventory. Order picking accuracy is a supply chain KPI that uncovers the percentage of error-free orders shipped by your business. Supply chain KPIs serve as benchmarks that allow businesses to compare the effectiveness of supply chain operations over time and with other companies in the same industry.

shipping metrics

By setting a target or benchmark for your packing usage (in this example, it’s 300g), you can stay on top of your packaging usage and nip any potential issues in the bud. By re-evaluating your packing strategies before they get out of hand, you will save money while boosting your brand reputation as a result of your newfound sustainability. Every company, regardless of service, product, or sector strives to achieve the best return on investment for each and every commercial activity it undertakes.

Incorrect orders affect the likelihood of a repeat purchase and the cost of issuing a return is a huge profit drainer. With a staggering 23% of returns due to incorrect items, 100% order accuracy should always be the focus. Monitoring these last-mile delivery metrics is useful for vehicle management, as you can apply it across the fleet and use it to determine the profitability of your operations.

Determine your business’s standing in its sector and choose KPIs that are representative of it. Armed with this collective wealth of insight, you will ensure that your supply chain pushes your company ahead of the pack, one smart initiative at a time. Spotting these links will empower you to use your analytical tools to drive down unnecessary costs while streamlining processes for maximum financial Hire Top Freelance Developers & Remote Engineers in 72 Hours efficiency. Working closely with this insight will keep your fulfillment rates consistently high, driving customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention rates. The shorter your cycle, the more agile, adaptable, and efficient your chain is across the board. By tracking this indicator frequently, you can zoom into any potential roadblocks slowing down your processes and take targeted action.

Low time-to-market improves your agility, helps you test and fix ideas faster, and allows you to capture more time-sensitive opportunities. This metric is especially relevant for more complex workflows with multiple statuses. By monitoring how much time a ticket spends in a given status, you can quickly notice bottlenecks. I encourage all teams to consciously sit and discuss their desirable tech debt ratio. Say that you agree that in your current product state, you aim for a 3–7 tech debt ratio.

software delivery metrics that actually matter

To calculate it you need to divide the number of pick-ups made on time by the total number of shipments in a timeframe. This is an indication of the vendor’s shipping performance, and it is important to track because it is related to the effect on your logistics operation and customer service. Accessorial Charges are the extra costs invoiced for additional services. This KPI is calculated by dividing accessorial costs and surcharges by total freight expenditures for the period. Having the percentage of those extra fees will help you determine the number of resources used and it will also help you detect if there are inefficiencies along with the processes.

  • When it comes to transporting goods, shippers want to know if the right freight is getting to the right place at the right time.
  • By re-evaluating your packing strategies before they get out of hand, you will save money while boosting your brand reputation as a result of your newfound sustainability.
  • For the logistics and shipping industry, this KPI makes it easy to see how many commercial activities your business is taking on and whether or not you are getting back what you are investing into your company.
  • Building relationships with carriers and working together to identify cost-effective routes as well as minimize disruptions are also effective strategies.
  • Deployment frequency can be a vanity metric if you’re not operating with awareness.

Inventory turnover is the number of times a company sells and replaces its stock of goods in a time period. The frequency at which the complete inventory gets sold out is called inventory turnover. A longer order cycle time can be due to slow order processing systems, supplier lead times, and payment processing.

Damage-Free Delivery

Indeed, if the amount of time between the moment the customer placed his order and the moment that order is prepared to be shipped is too long, that can show some trouble in the process that need to be fixed. Whether it is outdated planning processes or disconnected execution systems too slow to face an increasing demand, the issues need to be addressed to quickly answer unexpected events. The process of shipping and then freighting your product is essential to your operation’s success. Any problem during this timeline can waste resources and investments. By measuring your billing accuracy, you’ll be able to improve your business’s profitability and overall customer satisfaction. Sifted’s Logistics Intelligence solution offers tools for shippers and eCommerce businesses to keep track of their important metrics and KPIs to reduce shipping costs.

“Without correct labeling on the master carton, scanners can’t read labels correctly, which delays shipment,” says Smith. El-Dardiry adds that Transfix uses technology to help carriers optimize loads and deliver goods 6 Enterprise Software Applications No Business Should be Without l Sisense on time. “We need to monitor where carriers are on the previous load—are they on track? If not, they won’t be on track for the next load, so we know to dispatch another truck for that so we deliver on time,” he says.

Those resources may include people, raw materials, products and equipment a business counts on to keep its operations running smoothly. Learn how to streamline your logistics by reading this logistics primer. How do you Git rebase a branch If you want to track and visualize your supply chain metrics and KPIs with pinpoint accuracy and complete convenience, you can try our modern logistics analytics software for a free 14-day trial.

UPS Supply Chain Solutions: Examples and Alternatives

The 2020 DC Measures benchmarking report found order picking accuracy as the third most important benchmark for warehouses. 48% of online customers are willing to spend more for a product if it comes with fast shipping. Automate these tasks with one of Sifted’s Logistics Intelligence solutions. According to a Voxware study, 69% of customers are less likely to purchase again from an eCommerce seller if an order is not delivered within two days of the promised delivery date.

It’s also the number that determines the effectiveness of the entire delivery operation. Oftentimes, it is difficult to determine the success of delivery logistics. It might seem as though everything is going according to plan, that you are fulfilling enough orders to make returns, but then it turns out you are actually losing money at the end of each month.

Moreover, the usage of the software is growing 9% year over year, showing that this clear-cut value of developing an efficient supply chain lies within modern solutions to improve a company’s performance. As the supply chain is subject to constant change, and each step of the process has the potential to hit roadblocks at any point, tracking your key indicators regularly is critical. Decide which real-time insights you will need to consult on a daily basis before splitting the remaining ones into weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly categories.

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